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A Dozen Flights Every Day

More than 1,100 kilometres separate these two vibrant capital cities, but cheap flights from Adelaide to Sydney keep them closely connected for business travellers, families, tourists and more. The flight is just over two hours long can vary in price from $89 to $149 for economy class airfare and from $760 to $875 for business class airfare. Qantas, Jetstar and Virgin Australia run more than a dozen flights between Adelaide and Sydney every day.

Adelaide has often been called the city of churches. Founded in 1836 by settlers who were seeking religious freedom, the city today embraces a progressive point of view and is proud of its diversity. Having ranked as one of the most liveable cities in the country as well as the world, Adelaide attracts tourists by the thousands. It has a dynamic culinary scene, and the nearby Barossa Valley is one of the country’s best-known wine regions. The city is also near such natural attractions as Flinders Ranges and Kangaroo Island, where residents and tourists alike can relax and get away from it all or simply explore at their leisure.

Sydney, on the other hand, is Australia’s largest city and the capital of New South Wales. It sits on what is arguably the most beautiful harbour in the world, Sydney Harbour, and is known for such iconic landmarks as the Sydney Opera House and the Harbour Bridge. Sydney welcomes nearly 3 million visitors to its shores every year. Tourists and residents alike can take advantage of the city’s well-developed infrastructure, flourishing markets, diverse museums, art galleries, wildlife parks and so much more.

If you are searching for cheap Adelaide to Sydney flights, make sure you do your homework. Sometimes flying to a different airport or city can help you save on fees or taxes, making your overall costs lower. In many cases, locating the best airfare is just a matter of thinking outside the box. Try your trip with a departure or arrival date one day earlier or later, or explore the costs of different airlines. Finally, compare the costs of round-trip tickets rather than one-way tickets even if you do not need a return flight. In some cases, round-trip tickets can be cheaper.

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