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5 Things to Consider when Booking Corporate Travel

Corporate travel needs are often different than those for a private holiday. There may also be more than one traveler to consider which can make the booking process more complicated. The following are 5 things you should consider when thinking about booking corporate travel in Sydney.

1. Are Your Needs Clearly Defined?
Will you or your clients be keeping hours that will require accommodations that offer 24-hour room service? Are there any specials needs or disabilities among those who will be traveling? There may be certain amenities that individuals will deem necessities when staying in a hotel. Make sure everyone’s needs are clearly identified before booking any travel arrangements. Being organized and planning ahead will limit last minute headaches during the trip.

2. Are You Getting the Best Deals?
If you’re not locked into a specific airline through a corporate travel program, try booking directly with a supplier. Some of the discount airlines book through their own website, not a travel agent or a third-party website. It’s also a smart idea to recheck prices after you’ve already booked. Some suppliers may allow you to cancel and then rebook if the price drops. If at all possible, leave on a Wednesday. This is often the cheapest day for flights on such travel sites as Sydney Flights Accommodation. It’s also important for business travelers to understand the difference between direct flights and non-stop flights. A direct flight might still stop somewhere. Travelers stay on the same plane but still have to wait for a certain amount of time. This can make a big difference if there are deadlines to meet.

3. Where are the Best Restaurants?
Even if you’re working nearly non-stop, you’ll still want to relax with a great meal. One of the top rated restaurants in Sydney is Momofuku Seiobo. Tables are situated around the kitchen and the chefs serve the food themselves. The Quay is one of Australia’s most famous restaurants that feature mouthwatering dishes such as Bay lobster, Chatham Island blue cod, and slow cooked duck. This elegant restaurant is centrally located in the city, right along Sydney Harbor. Business is often conducted over a great meal. Make sure to plan ahead and make reservations to be able to get into the best restaurants.

4. What are the Best Accommodations?
Whether it’s for yourself or your clients, staying in comfortable, convenient accommodations is essential for a successful trip. There are a variety of options that are available for corporate travelers when staying in Sydney. Is it necessary for all the rooms to be close to one another in the hotel? Will you need to have access to a parking garage? These are a few things to consider before booking the trip. Hotels and short stay apartments can be found throughout the city. Make sure to check out furnishedproperties.com.au when looking for furnished apartments and beautifully decorated accommodations. Travelers looking for something a little different can also find bed & breakfast accommodations, resorts, and even spa retreats.

5. Are You Familiar With Sydney?
Although business trips don’t always allow travelers much leisure time, it’s good to know what your options are if you have a few extra hours. A few of the top attractions you’ll want to fit in if you have the time include visiting the Sydney Opera House, taking a stroll along Bondi Beach, and exploring the Sydney Harbor Bridge. If you have more time to spend make sure to visit the Royal Botanic Gardens or the Sydney Aquarium. Some of these attractions can be enjoyed in only 1 or 2 hours.

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